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May 10, 2013 at 9:31am

Why Design Matters: If Snow Fall Were Published in a Standard Template

I am in beautiful Bergen, Norway, this week for the Nordic Media Festival. I gave a talk this morning on digital storytelling and, of course, everyone wanted to talk about Snow Fall.

As part of the presentation — and to drive home my point about design — I mocked up what Snow Fall might have been had our brilliant design, graphics and video teams not taken this project on.

Since a couple people asked for it, I decided to post the images here.


Doesn’t really grab you like the actual piece, does it?


I didn’t get around to replacing the text here, or writing captions for the dreaded multimedia inline stack.


My favorite slide. OK, maybe it would have been something like 21 links of pagination, but still.

 So, design matters. Any questions?


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